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Spatial Current, Inc.

About Us

Spatial Current, Inc. is a new company focused on the nexus of natural language, graph, and geospatial. The company primarily operates in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.

  • January 2017

    The Start

    Spatial Current, Inc. incorporated in Delaware as a 501©(3).

  • August 2017

    FOSS4G 2017

    Patrick presented at FOSS4G 2017 on “Natural Language, Graph Search, and the Future of the GIS Stack”.

  • October 2017


    Patrick presented at GeoDC the local GIS meetup in Washington DC on Spatial Current, highlighting lessons learned for integrating emergent technologies into GIS.

  • May 2018

    FOSS4G North America 2018

    Patrick will submit a talk on graph databases.

  • August 2018

    FOSS4G 2018

    Patrick will present “Geo-enabling AI Assistants & Concierge Services” at FOSS4G 2018.

  • Beta


Meet our dynamic team of designers, engineers, data scientists, and more.

Patrick Dufour

Patrick Dufour

Founder & CEO

Lives in Washington, DC Metropolitan Area

Patrick is Founder and CEO of Spatial Current, Inc. Originally from Southern California, Patrick has 7 years of experience building next generation data processing systems and associated workflows. Patrick has experience providing geospatial support to international humanitarian opertions using innovative cutting-edge technologies. Patrick is a core GeoNode developer and lover of open source software.

We’re a growing company with big vision. Contact us at if you’re interested to join our team, contract with us, or do an internship!