Terms of Service

Effective Date: January 1, 2018


Spatial Current, we, our, or us in this document refers to the 501(C)(3) corporation Spatial Current, Inc. registered in the State of Delaware. The Spatial Current Platform refers to the user-facing instance of the Spatial Current stack hosted on infrastructure managed by Spatial Current. Other testing, staging, or otherwise non-public instances of the Spatial Current stack are not-necessarily governed by the same terms of service, privacy policy, or security policy.

Customer refers to the individual, company, or other type of organization that creates a team (or is created on it’s behalf). For a team, there is one Customer that is assigned ownership of relevant data, as described below, with 1 or many Authorized Users. For non-team individual data, Customer refers to the individual himself/herself.

Authorized User is an individual authorized by the Customer to access Spatial Current Services and submit Customer Data, such as search queries and geospatial datasets. For non-team use, Customer would be equivalent to Authorized User.

Other Data is data generated by the use of any Spatial Current service, including the Spatial Current Platform, that is not Customer Data.

Changes to the Terms of Service

Spatial Current may make revisions to the terms of service (and other policies) at its discretion. If any Authorized User uses any service provided by Spatial Current, including the Spatial Current Platform, after the effective date, the Customer agrees to the revised policies.

Privacy Policy

Spatial Current takes your privacy seriously. Our Privacy Policy is available online. Additionally, our Security page explains the steps we take to protect your data.


Only residents of the United States and the European Union that are 18+ are eligible for accounts on the Spatial Current Platform. Customer shall take all appropriate measures to ensure that all authorized users are properly eligible for access to the respective Team.


Customer will not assign copyright or transfer ownership of Customer Data to Spatial Current through use of Spatial Current Services. Customer Data is granted to Spatial Current, Inc. under a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, irrevocable license, only as reasonably necessary to (a) provide services, (b) address security, technical, or other performance issues, (c) and as required by law. Customer warrants that all rights to Customer Data have been properly secured in order to grant this license to Spatial Current, Inc.

Data that is not Customer Data may be Open Source or provided by Spatial Current through separate agreement with the data owner. Access to another customer’s data or other data in no way implies any assignment of copyright or transfer of ownership.

Spatial Current in no-way assigns copyright to Customer and Authorized User. Spatial Current grants a non-sublicensable, non-transferable, non-exclusive, limited license to Customer for their use of Spatial Current Services. Spatial Current, Inc. reserves all rights not expressly granted. Spatial Current, Inc. may release opensource code on its GitHub Organization; however, that in no way implies a license to proprietary code or data outside of those explicit releases.

Term and Termination

The hereby described terms of use cover the entire period of use of Spatial Current Services from the creation of the first authorized user until each authorized user account is terminated.

Termination for Cause

Spatial Current, Inc. reserves the right to terminate the Contract immediately on notice to Customer if customer is using Spatial Current Services in contravention of applicable law, in violation of these terms of use, or in any way to impinge the privacy of individuals.

Termination without Cause

Customer may terminate its subscription at any time taking effect the start of the next calendar month. Termination of contract does not relieve Customer of the responsibility to pay for any fees assessed.

Data Deletion

Spatial Current, Inc. reserves the right at its sole discretion to purge customer data from it’s systems after the termination of the Contract. Customer data used for building machine learning models may not deleted immediately. Termination of Contract does not enforce the deletion of all machine learning models training on customer data. Other data generated by an Authorized User may be retained by Spatial Current.

Limitation of Liability

General Provisions


If any part of these terms of use is held or modified by a Court of Law in a jurisdiction, the remaining provisions of the Contract will continue to be in maximum effect.


Neither party may assign copyright, intellectual property, trade secrets, or any obligations to the other under these terms of use. Assignment would be permitted under a separate agreement made in-writing and approved by Spatial Current, Inc. and Customer (or by authorized agents).

Contacting Spatial Current, Inc.

If you have any questions about this Terms of Service, you may contact Spatial Current, Inc. at the following email address: